Ongoing Warehouse's strategy is to be focused on WMS functionality for the 3PL industry and to cooperate with companies providing complementary software such as ERP systems, eCommerce platforms, Transportation and Logistics systems. To exchange information with these systems we have so-called EDI integrations. Most of our 3PL customers have several integrations with their clients' ERP systems or eCommerce platforms. 
To provide users of Ongoing Warehouse an easy way to integrate systems with the WMS, Ongoing Warehouse includes an API which allows other systems to both send and retrieve information from Ongoing Warehouse.

The developer website supports integrators who want to integrate their system with Ongoing Warehouse. The website gives instructions on how to get started, descriptions 
of the most common functions and general guidance on developing the integration.

The developer website is available at You are welcome to send the address to customers or consultants who are interested in developing integrations with Ongoing.

Integrations with ERP systems

If you or your customers have a business or ERP system where orders are placed there can be a great benefit to have an integration between that system and the Warehouse Management System (WMS) in order to access the orders directly in the WMS. By integrating Ongoing with an ERP system you can shorten the time from order placement to delivery and minimize manual handling.

Many ERP systems are very comprehensive and can handle all parts of a company's operations. Therefore there may be different parts you may want to integrate with a warehousing system. Ongoing Warehouse has developed a few integrations to web-based ERP-systems while there exist integrations built by consultants to several other ERP systems. Take a look here to see our integrations and here to see integrations built by consultants. The list of external integrations is nowhere from complete. Other integrations could have been developed. Contact your business consultant to see if he can or has built an integration to the Ongoing Warehouse API.

Transport administration systems

Many of our customers choose to integrate Ongoing Warehouse with a transportation management system (TA) systems.
An integration with a TA system offers the ability to seamlessly book freight deliveries to be sent from the warehouse. It can greatly reduce the amount of manual input required to book transportation and get the required documents to finish dispatching an order.

Integrations eCommerce (web shops)

For online merchants, it is especially important that an order is readily available to the warehouse and that information on articles and stock levels are synchronized between the warehouse and the store. Many retailers with a web shop therefore choose to integrate their eCommerce solution with Ongoing Warehouse in order to minimize the manual handling and reduce the lead time from order to delivery.
There are currently many different online shop solutions on the market and it pops up all the time for new solutions to the market. Below are a number of platforms Ongoing has been integrated with the past. The features of the various couplings are slightly different depending on the previous requests and platform capabilities. Common to all is that the orders placed by the web shop's customers are transferred to the warehouse automatically.


Unifaun offers systems for transport management, so called "TA systems" that enables a smooth and profitable relationships between shippers, carriers and receivers. Over 100,000 businesses use Unifaun's online solutions daily. A flow of over 800,000 shipments per day through their systems makes Unifaun one of the most important relations a transportation company or transport buyers has.


We have created a developer website to support integrators who want to integrate their system with Ongoing's API. The website gives instructions on how to get started, descriptions 

of the most common functions and general guidance on developing the integration.