Ongoing Warehouse Management System (WMS) for 3PL Logistics providers

Ongoing Warehouse is a growing, owner-lead software company based in Sweden which specializes in a web-based Warehouse Management System (WMS) for 3PL companies and logistics providers. Our mission is to quickly and easily provide a capable and web-based Warehouse Management System for the international 3PL market.

Ongoing Warehouse is the market leading WMS in Sweden and the Nordic countries for the 3PL niche. Focus is on the Scandinavian and European market, with customers mainly in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. There are also a growing number of customers in Europe, for example in Germany, Italy, France, and Belgium. Our customers are both start-ups/small 3PL companies as well as big established logistics providers such as DB Schenker, Aditro Logistics, M3 Logistics, UPS, Bring, Suomen Kaukokiito, Colliflow, Alwex and Altus. The system is used by 200 3PL companies internationally and approximately 3 000 goods owners' products are running in the system (as of February 2018).

Our customers appreciate that the system is a web-based standard system, as well as the fact that it is flexible, easy to use and quick to get started. The functions in the system are well-suited for the 3PL-market and its customers. The features including invoicing/economy, scanning (both standard scanning and custom scanning), API (webservice/SOAP), and much more.

Please contact us for a demo or an introduction. Best Regards, Gerhard Guron, Founder & CEO.

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The Warehouse System

Ongoing Warehouse is developed in close cooperation with logistics companies in the 3PL niche and their customers, and has been in actual service at a customer since 2007. As of October 2017 we have over 185 3PL-companies as customers in twelve countries. Approximately 3 000 goods owners' products run in the systems daily. 

New customers in Saudi Arabia, Italy and Lithuania!

Ongoing Warehouse increases it´s global presence with new customers in Saudi Arabia, Italy and Lithuania. Growing need for a web-based WMS especially made for the 3PL-business is boosting the interest – for us - new parts of Europe and the Middle East. 

About Ongoing

Ongoing Warehouse is a fast growing, Swedish based, software company that specialize in a web-based Warehouse Management System for 3PL-companies. Our mission is to quickly and easily provide a capable, web-based Warehouse Management system for the International 3PL-market.

Our Business Idea: 

”Ongoing Warehouse is a product company – that uses Software as a Service –  to provide a standardized and open WMS for a large number of companies in the area of 3PL” 


Ongoing's strategy is to be focused on WMS functionality for the 3PL industry and to cooperate with companies providing complementary software such as ERP systems, eCommerce platforms and Transportation and Logistics systems. In order to exchange information with these systems we have so-called EDI integrations. Most of our 3PL customers have several integrations with their clients' ERP systems or eCommerce platforms. 

About the founders

The company is owned by its founders Henrik Ekman and Gerhard Guron, who also are part of the company's management team. They both have extensive experience in development and marketing of IT-systems in the logistics sector.

Latest news

Norwegian Logistics provider Accelerator strenghtens its position using webbased WMS

Accelerator AS is a 100% Norwegian, ownerlead logistic provider with broad competence in the field of Third Party Logistics (3PL). After using the WMS Ongoing Warehouse for a couple of years, the business has grown considerably.


Finnish logistics provider Rahtikeskus Oy has chosen Ongoing

"Both we and our customers are very pleased with the Ongoing WMS. Ongoing is easy to use and the system is very clear and well functioning for third party logistics", says Johannes Knapas, Sales Manager at Rahtikeskus Oy.


New - Pick Order Scanning

Pick order scanning is a new feature in Ongoing Warehouse, and is used when picking multiple orders simultaneously (batch picking)


RST Logistics choose Ongoing

“We are very pleased with Ongoing and that starting up the system has gone so quickly. Ongoing is easy to use and has all the functions we need to offer our clients cost-effective and optimal storage services", says Richard Sæther, CEO of RST Logistics AS.


Intelligent use of WMS helps M3 Logistics to attract customers

"For us it is not enough to have an attractive location in Stockholm with modern safety facilities and skilled staff. Smart IT solutions is an important reason why our customers choose us as their logistic provider", says Robert Dawid, CEO of M3 Logistics. 


Ongoing WMS helps Olsson Logistics with their international customers!

“After a thorough analysis of the market for WMS-systems we chose Ongoing Warehouse", says Mathias Olsson, CEO of Olssons Logistics. Read the Press Release.