About Ongoing

Ongoing Warehouse is a fast growing, Swedish based, software company that specialize in a web-based Warehouse Management System for 3PL-companies. Our mission is to quickly and easily provide a capable, web-based Warehouse Management system for the International 3PL-market.

Our Business Idea: 

”Ongoing Warehouse is a product company – that uses Software as a Service –  to provide a standardized and open WMS for a large number of companies in the area of 3PL” 

Ongoing Warehouse was founded in 2008 by Henrik Ekman (System Manager) and Gerhard Guron (CEO), who also represents the company's management. The company Ongoing Warehouse AB has office in Gothenburg, Sweden. The proximity and contacts at Chalmers University of Technology and Gothenburg's other higher educations such as the School of Business is an important skill resource for the company. 

Henrik Ekman, Founder and Systems Manager

Henrik has after his engineering education at Chalmers University of Technology, been focused on developing business systems for the logistics industry over the last fifteen years. Foremost is Henrik the architect and systems developer that has driven the development of the system Ongoing Warehouse. Development of the system is done in close cooperation with 3PL-companies in the logistics industry and the process takes in place out "at customers". This close cooperation with industry companies in 3PL, combined with high technical expertise has provided a competent, modern warehouse management system, WMS. 

Gerhard Guron, Founder and CEO

Gerhard has previous experience as CEO of two companies in the logistics industry. Before the creation of Ongoing Systems AB Gerhard was among other things CEO / general manager of Hogia Logistics Systems AB (Sweden's market leader in transportation planning with clients such as DHL, GDL, NCC Roads and Schenker). Before that, Gerhard was the founder and CEO of Heming Personnel Ltd, a staffing and outsourcing company specialized in storage and logistics. The company was sold to Poolia and was later made Uniflex. Clients included DHL, Michelin, Post and IKEA. Gerhard has previously been involved in entrepreneurial issues and has among others served as Chairman of the Foundation for Entrepreneurship and one of the initiators of the Entrepreneur Day. For his engagement in entrepreneurship have Gerhard among others received honorable mention in Swedish Enterprise's competition "Entrepreneur of the Year". Gerhard has an MBA from University of Gothenburg.

Ongoing in media

Below are some of the things written in the media about Ongoing Warehouse and our customers.


About the founders

The company is owned by its founders Henrik Ekman and Gerhard Guron, who also are part of the company's management team. They both have extensive experience in development and marketing of IT-systems in the logistics sector.