Unifaun offers systems for transport management, so called "TA systems" that enables a smooth and profitable relationships between shippers, carriers and receivers. Over 100,000 businesses use Unifaun's online solutions daily. A flow of over 800,000 shipments per day through their systems makes Unifaun one of the most important relations a transportation company or transport buyers has.

Whether you use Unifaun Online, Pacsoft Online or Unifaun Web-TA (previously Memnon Apport) you can use an integration between Ongoing Warehouse and Unifaun's system to get a quick and smooth transfer of orders for transport booking. Because the information about the sender, receiver, transporter and the good items are already in Ongoing complete bookings can be made ​​directly and shipping documents can be printed out immediately. The integration also supports Unifaun Web-TA templates for even easier consignments.

Learn more Unifaun Online and Pacsoft Online



WooCommerce is, per themselves, the world’s most customizable eCommerce platform for building online business. At the time of writing WooCommerce powers around 40% of all online stores. This makes WooCommerce the most popular eCommerce platform on the web.  WooCommerce has a REST-based API which enables integration to for example a WMS. Read more about WooCommerce.

Ongoing Warehouse integrates with WooCommerce via the API. At the time of writing a well-used integration exists. It consists of the following features:

·         Report the status of orders from the warehouse to the eCommerce platform.

·         Import and update article registry from WooCommerce to Ongoing.

·         Automatically transfer orders from web shop to warehouse.

·         Update the stock in the web shop based on data from Ongoing Warehouse.



Shopify is the leading cloud-based, multichannel commerce platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Read about Shopify.

An integration between Shopify and Ongoing transfers orders and articles from the web-shop to the warehouse automatically. After an order is picked and packed, Ongoing sends back to Shopify what has been delivered and updates the stock level. 

Visma E-Accounting

Visma E-Accounting

E-Accounting or Visma Online is Visma's web-based invoicing and bookkeeping software for the small business. It enables you to reach your access your software from any device everywhere. For more information se their webpage.

To enable small businesses to easily outsource their warehouse management and focus on the core business Ongoing Warehouse has developed an integration between its WMS and Visma E-Accounting. The integration automatically transfers orders when placed in the accounting system. It also transfers updates in the article and inventory registry to Ongoing Warehouse. When an order has been handled, Ongoing Warehose reports the delivered quantity back to Visma. The WMS also continuously pushes the stock levels back to Visma to always have up to date information about the availability of goods.

Shipcloud logo


Ongoing Warehouse has made it possible for German 3PL providers to use the WMS in a full-integrated manner by the use of shipcloud. The integration makes it possible to ship with DHL, Deutsche Post, UPS, DPD, Hermes, GLS, MyDPD Business (iloxx), TNT, FedEx, GO! and PARCEL.ONE on the German market.



Bigcommerce is the #1 ecommerce software solution that gives you everything you need to sell online. Try it free and see how we’ve helped thousands sell more, online!

With an integration between Ongoing and Bigcommerce articles and orders will automatically be pulled from the web shop. Thus, orders placed by customers in the web shop will be available for delivery in the warehouse system without any manual handeling. When the order is dispathed it will be updated in the web shop with the delivered amount and any tracking information available.

For more information on Bigcommerce visit their website.



Fortnox is one of the leading providers of web-based software for businesses, associations and accounting and auditing firms.

The integration between Fortnox and Ongoing Warehouse - order information are read from Fortnox and matching orders are created in Ongoing along with customer details and article information. From Ongoing current stock levels are sent back to Fortnox and it is also possible to flag orders as handled by the warehouse. If you use Fortnox along with an online shop the integration between Fortnox and Ongoing will enable orders to be sent from the web shop via Fortnox to Ongoing Warehouse. 

Learn more about Fortnox on their website



MyStore.no is a norweigan ecommerce solution ideally suited for small- to mid-sizd businesses.

By using an integration between Ongoing and MyStore.no orders and articles will automatically be transferred from MyStore.no to Ongoing and the stock count will be sent back from Ongoing to MyStore.no. Contact Ongoing Warehouse for information. 

Read more about MyStore.no on their website



PrestaShop is a reliable and flexible Open-source e-commerce software. Since 2007, PrestaShop has revolutionized the industry by providing features that engage shoppers and increase online sales.

Our integration with Prestashop handles the transfer of orders and the article registry from the web shop to the warehouse and reports back how much is left in the warehouse. 

For more infomation obout Prestashop see their website.



24SevenOffice gives your business a complete SaaS-based ERP system - with Financial and Accounting system, Project Management, Time Tracking, Mobile and Communication fully integrated.

The integration between 24SevenOffice and Ongoing Warehouse consists of; order information are read from 24SevenOffice and matching orders are created in Ongoing along with customer details and article information. Current stock levels are sent back to 24SevenOffice. It is also possible to send back order status to 24SevenOffice. Contact Ongoing for more info about the integration. Read about 24SevenOffice

Centra logo

Centra (previously Silk)

Centra (previously named Silk) is an all-in-one platform for handling your retail business. It includes many of the features typically found in both ERP systems and e-commerce platforms which makes it perfect for multi-channel sales. The platform is used by some of Sweden's top fashion brands.

Ongoing Warehouse has worked together with the developers behind Centra for the last years to create an integration between the systems. The integration enables fast-growing retailers to outsource their logistics to third-party logistic providers.

The integration comprises synchronization of article register and stock balance; transfer of orders with feedback of order handling and tracking information and transfer of purchase orders with feedback of the delivered amount. The integration also has full-fledged support for return handling. Contact Ongoing Warehouse for more information about the integration. Read more about Centra.



Jetshop Commerce is Scandinavia’s largest cloud-based platform for major online retailers. Read more at Jetshop. 

The integration between Jetshop and Ongoing Warehouse comprises of transfer of articles and orders from the web-shop, and also reports back updated stock levels to the web-shop.

24Nettbutik logo


24Nettbutikk has since 2004 developed e-commerce solution for small and medium sized companies. The head office is located in Rørvik, Norway with a branch office in Trondheim, Norway. Read more at their website.

The integration provides ability to get information from article registry, list orders and report stock levels and delivery status back to the e-commerce system.

Textalk logo

Textalk webshop

Textalk develops one of the most popular e-commerce solutions in Sweden. Currently thousands of shops are using their system. The goal of Textalk is to provide a userfriendly e-commerce system. They also want to simpify other parts of a store owners daily tasks.

The integration with Ongoing Warehouse includes sync of article registry and orders and reporting back of stock levels. Visit textalk's website for more information.


Nordisk e-handel

Nordisk e-handel’s e-commerce solution contains all the features required for starting, running and developing your e-commerce. Choose a base package to get access to their generic set of functionality or a premium package for the possibility to develop custom functionality for your unique needs. 

As a customer of a 3PL-company running Ongoing Warehouse you can, via the integration, automatically sync orders, item registry and stock balance. Read more at their website. 

Sitedirect logo


Sitedirect creates innovative web-based e-commerce solutions and help you in the long term develop as e-retailer.

The integration between Ongoing and Sitedirect helps you automatically manage the flow of information from shop to warehouse and back again. Read more at their website.



Miinto has the goal to be the best department store for fashion on the web. They offer merchants a possibility to easily sell their fashion through their e-commerce site. Miinto further offers many services to simply and cost effective sell on the Internet for small businesses. Read more at Miinto.

Ongoing Warehouse has developed an integration solution to the e-commerce Miinto. The solution provides the ability to outsource the warehouse management to a 3PL logistics provider using Ongoing Warehouse Warehouse Management System. The solution enables syncing article registry between the website and the WMS, transferring orders and a feedback system to report back when the order is picked or if it was a problem picking it.



Transportnett is the perfect partner for companies that need a complete Transport Management System (TMS). Transportnett is a renowned och well established Norwegian software company and their Transport Management System is called Log:nett TMS. Many leading Norwegian companies have choosen Transportnett as their TMS-supplier. 

The integration means that orders from Ongoing Warehouse WMS are sent to Log:nett for transport planning. The order information that is sent to Log:nett TMS includes Sender, Recipient, Carrier and Goods (weights & number of parcels), etc. 

Learn more about Transportnett at their website.

Visma.net logo


Visma.net is Visma’s new web-based ERP system. The ERP system is just like Ongoing’s WMS available from an ordinary web browser. Visma.net makes it possible to automate processes related the economy, invoicing and payments. The system also exposes a standardized REST API with most of the functionality and information available in the system.

Ongoing Warehouse integrates with Visma.net via the API. The integration is possible to extend to your specific needs but at the time of writing it includes these features:

·         Transfer and keep article registry up to date in the WMS based on the ERP system.

·         Synchronize supplier registry with the ERP system data as master.

·         Transfer orders or shipments from the ERP system to the WMS.

·         Report when an order or shipment is fully or partly completed to the ERP system from the WMS.

·         Periodically import purchase orders from Visma.net to Ongoing Warehouse.

·         Report the gods on the purchase order as received when they arrive to the warehouse.

Read more about Visma.net.



DanDomain WebShop is currently Denmark’s industry leader with a 20 percent market share of Danish e-commerce sites. Read more at DanDomain. 

Ongoing Warehouse has developed an integration solution for the e-Commerce platform DanDomain. The integration transfers orders and has a feedback system to report back when the order has been picked. There is also an automatic sync of stock balance every night. 



Wannafind WebShop is one of Denmark’s leading e-commerce platforms. Read more at Wannafind 

Ongoing Warehouse has developed an integration solution for the Danish e-Commerce platform Wannafind. The integration transfers orders and has a feedback system to report back when the order has been picked.

e-conomic logo


E-conomic is one of the most used accounting systems in Denmark. E-conomic is web-based, affordable and contains the functionality required by smaller businesses. 

Ongoing Warehouse has developed an integration to e-conomic to help small businesses to seamlessly outsource their logistics handling to a third-party logistics provider. The integration module includes functionality for keeping the sales orders, supplier registry, the article registry and stock levels in sync between the systems. When an order is handled by the warehouse it is reported to the accounting system as sent and is ready for invoicing. 

Le New Black

Le New Black

Le New Black is an e-Commerce platform for fashion brands and retailers. Read more at Le New Black.

Ongoing Warehouse has developed an integration solution for the French e-Commerce platform Le New Black. The integration transfers orders and has a feedback system to report back when the order has been picked.


We have created a developer website to support integrators who want to integrate their system with Ongoing's API. The website gives instructions on how to get started, descriptions 

of the most common functions and general guidance on developing the integration.